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SSAC Applications: Liquid-level controls

Liquid Level Controls (LLC) are designed to detect and control levels of liquids which are electrically conductive. These controls sense the resistance value between the probe(s) and the common point. The conductive liquid completes the electrical path between the...

SSAC Applications: Voltage Monitors

Load-Side Monitoring: Broken contact springs, worn and pitted contacts, or loose and corroded wire connections are common causes of voltage unbalance. Voltage monitor #1 in the diagram cannot protect the motor from these contactor related fault conditions. For...

SSAC Applications: Alternating & Duplexing Relays

Alternating: Power must be applied at all times. When the level in the tank rises to the normal level, the Lead Float Switch closes. Pump “A” is turned on via Pump “A” contactor, and will remain in this condition until the Lead Float Switch opens. When the Lead Float...

SSAC Timers

Time is very basic but with time comes an importance with which reliability and accuracy cannot be understated. SSAC has a wide range of timers that go from the simplest to very complex and can cover almost any application you can think of. Applications: HVAC: In...
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