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PULS SLA4.100 AS-Interface® Power Supply

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The primary switched-mode DIN rail power supply SLA4.100 specifically supplies AS Interface® systems with energy. The AS-Interface bus technology allows to connect up to 62 participants to a control and to supply them with energy with a single two-conductor cable. When connecting slaves, the yellow AS-Interface cable offers a high degree of protection IP67 in conjunction with the insulation displacement. The communication signals of the individual network participants are modulated onto the supply voltage. For this purpose, specific power supply units with integrated data decoupling are required for AS-Interface systems.

Fast addressing of slaves:

The "IR addressing mode" selectable via jumper interrupts the data communication on the yellow AS-Interface cable. Participants with an infrared interface can then quickly be assigned a new ID address by means of an infrared programming unit without the need to disconnect them from the AS-Interface cable. Afterward, the "Communication Mode" can be selected again to restart the data communication.

Worldwide operation:

This compact primary switched-mode built-in power supply can be operated on all usual single-phase line voltages. Its design corresponds to international standards. The CE Declaration allows for industrial and office applications.

Ground fault detector:

Acc. to EN60204 part 1 and DIN VDE0113 respectively, ground faults in control circuits must neither cause a machine to start inadvertently or to dangerously move nor prevent a controlled shutdown. The internal SLA4 ground fault detector makes external ground fault detector modules redundant. The AS-Interface network is monitored by the power supply unit via the AS-Interface cable connected to the various participants. Detected ground faults are stored and signaled via front panel LEDs and relay contacts. The ground fault detector may be manually checked using the test/reset button.




  • Input: AC 115V / 230V
  • Output: 30.5V / 4A
  • AS-Interface data decoupling
  • Infrared (IR) addressing mode
  • For highly demanding industrial applications
  • Ground Fault (GF) detector with signal output