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Adaptive’s Alpha™ L Series Industrial

Adaptive Displays Alpha L Series

Alpha L6 – 6mm Pitch NEMA 12 (IP51) LED Displays
Adaptive’s L6 Series of Industrial Full Color LED Displays establish new performance
standards for critical business information displays.

• Display housing has NO exterior ventilation! (no more clogged fan filters)
• Typical operating life exceeds 10 years! (4 to 10 times longer than LCDs)
• 2 to 5 times brighter than LCD and previous generation LED displays
• More than double the useful viewing angle of LCD screens
• Ethernet interface with integrated Alpha™ Protocol player, standard.
• Optional Integrated Intel i5 controller w/ 32GB
• SSD & Win 7 Pro
• UL, ULc and CE Listed, RoHS Compliant (rated for indoor use)
• FWiTM (Four Winds Interactive), SeqentTM and other certified solutions available.
• Integrated AdaptiveDiagnostics™ for managing and monitoring display performance.
• Field serviceable components
• Brought to you by Adaptive Micro Systems, LLC the company that has been manufacturing Alpha™ Indoor LED displays for more than 25 years.

Finally, a flexible, reliable, cost effective & brilliant display solution for:

Assembly Plants
and Tier 1 Suppliers

High Speed Bottling
and Packaging Lines

and Distribution Centers

Replace your difficult-to-read, high-maintenance LCD displays with LED technology that gives you 2 to 5 times the brightness, more than double the viewing angle and 4 to 10 times the expected life of LCD.