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Dynamic outdoor systems integrating full video playback into scoreboard and concert displays are now within reach for a whole new level of users, thanks to Adaptive Micro Systems’ affordable line of full color LED displays.

All of Adaptive Micro Systems’ Excite and MEDIA Master products are capable of supporting live video and video replay. In fact, our displays provide the most cost effective large format solutions available on the market today.

Engineered for reliability and energy efficiency, Adaptive LED displays will work in all applications, ranging from live-feed video screens at concerts and special events to more complex situations such as broadcasting instant replays in sports stadiums. When integrated into several types of configuration solutions, our displays can easily handle complex setups involving multiple combinations of various inputs and split screen displays from several video sources.

Suggested Configurations


  • This configuration represents a fully capable system that is also very affordable. If you have a video console, a DVR, a DVD, and a camera or cameras, all you need to do is to add a low cost interface to a standard Adaptive video-capable display. This is the type of system used in today’s most modern high school and college football stadiums.


  • Working with a tight budget? This diagram shows the lowest cost configuration. With only a PC, a camera or cable connection, and a simple low cost interface box, you can show live video and instant video replay. With this setup, you have almost all of the capabilities of major league sports stadiums — for little more than the cost of the Adaptive display!


  • Have a more ambitious project in mind? This diagram outlines a configuration that can compete head to head with video replay systems that cost tens of millions of dollars. If you are wondering how you can win large scale, fixed priced stadium jobs, integrating an Adaptive LED display into a video setup can be the key to a lucrative and exciting new income stream.

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