by Brent Raynor www.manuauto.com

                                     Static Canadian flag Graphic

(click on the Canadian Flag for the graphic)

  •   Open Jasc Paint Shop Pro in the AlphaNet software.

  • Go to File, Open and select the location of the Canadian Flag graphic.
  • Go to Image, then Greyscale. 



  • Go to Adjust, then Negative Image.


  • Resize the image (pixels) to the dimensions of the StreetSmart outdoor led display.
  • Go to Image, then Resize.

  • Select Pixels.
  • The Width is columns and the Height is rows.
  • Select Resampling: Smart Size.
  • Select Resize all layers.

  • The graphic will resize as shown below.
  • Go to File, Save As.
  • Save the graphic as a .bmp file


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