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Recommended Procedure  For A Sight Survey  And Install

  • Access point  (receiver)
  • Bridge (transmitter)
  • Clear line of sight required, free of obstructions (ie. trees).
  • Maximum distance between Acesss point and Bridge is 300 feet.

Changing your computer’s IP address to communicate with the Access point (sign side)

  • Change the properties of the Local Area Connection.
  • Go to Start, Settings, and then Network Connections.
  • Select Local Area Connection and then Properties.
  • Scroll down the list and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  • Select Use the following IP addressand enter an IP address that is similar to the Bridge, except for the last two digits.
  • Connect an Ethernet crossover cable from the PC to the Bridge.


Site Survey using Windows Explorer

windows explorer

  • At the login prompt, type admin for the Username and Password
  • The EnGenius main screen will appear.
  • Click on Wireless Network

Wireless Network

  • The Wireless Network screen will appear.
  • Click the Site Survey button.

Stite survey

  • The Site Survey sreen will appear.
  • Look for the EnGenius radio. If not present, click the refresh button.
  • If more than one EnGenius radio is present, refer to the MAC address of the radio required.
  • The Signal column (dbm) in this window will show the signal strength.

Acess Point

Signal Strength Scale Guide

0 to -50  indicates Strong signal strength

-75 to -100  indicates Excellent signal strength

-51 to -75  indicates Good signal strength

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