With the increased demand of miniaturization and the demand of giving you the highest performance in the smallest package Balluff Miniature Sensors are designed to give you the greatest freedom in design while making it possible to  use them with considerably more applications.

Balluf provides miniature sensors in all operating principles such as photoelectric, magnetic, inductive, ultrasonic and capacitive sensors. In each of those types of sensors Balluff give technology that harnesses compact inductive couplers, space compressing I/O modules and RFID’s.

Balluff’s Miniature Sensor line includes miniature sensors and compact connection technology and are suited for all kinds of projects such as factory automation that uses robotics, handling and production lines.

In a production line that uses robotics weight is quite often a key to giving you fast cycle times which will save money during production. Since the Miniature Sensors are smaller the space needed is reduced and gives you higher flexibility when you have a tightly spaced machine compartment.

Balluff Miniature Sensors guarantee high precision and dependability.

Mini design. Maxi performance!

Inductive Mini Sensors

  • Small Housing
  • Low Weight as low as 0.7g
  • Stainless steel housing
  • High Switching precision
  • Best for compact applications
  • Greater freedom of design

Photoelectric Mini Sensors

  • Ranges of up to 10 m
  • Simple to operate
  •  Precise
  • Advanced laser technology, homogeneous red light or innovative pinpoint technology

Photoelectric Minature Sensors

Capacitive Mini Sensors

  • Generous switching distance
  • Operates under tough conditions
  • Suitable for all materials

Mini Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

  • Great for reliable wear free position detection
  • Highly accurate switch point
  • Increased reliability and machine availability

Ultrasonic Mini Sensors

  • Small with high resolution
  • Optional focusing attachment for small part detection
  • 5 scanning ranges
  • Teach-in via button

Magnetically Code Position and Measurement

  • Magnetically encode position and angle measurement
  • Unbeatably small sensor head
  • Highly accurate
  • Small and robust

Industrial RFID for Automation System

  • Reliable and secure data solution
  • Compact components
  • Quick and reliable data traceability
  • Flexible communication options

Balluff Mini Sensors