Strengthen Your Network Resilience With the MOXA Game-changing Managed Switches

The EDS-4000/G4000 Series industrial-managed Ethernet switches are game-changing solutions for industrial networking. The strengthened security, easy-to-use design, and high performance coupled with high reliability strengthen your network resilience to help you face future networking challenges. With this futureproof networking portfolio, you can effortlessly accelerate your digital transformation.

Enable Power-intensive Applications With

90-watt 802.3bt PoE and 2.5GbE Connectivity

to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Powering Up Your Networks for IP Surveillance Systems

Your IP surveillance systems require not only robust IP cameras that can withstand outdoor environments but also a powerful network to ensure seamless video data transmission.

Enhancing Network Resilience for Your Industrial Control Systems

See how Moxa develops a reliable and secure network infrastructure for industrial control systems to ensure field data can be delivered with accuracy and integrity.

Networking Evolved
Moxa EDS-4000/G4000 Industrial Managed Switches

Comprehensive Portfolio: 68 Models