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The CD34 series is designed to detect water-based liquids through non-metallic walls, i.e. plastic or glass. The sensors automatically account for the thickness of plastic or glass walls and compensate for any residual films, moisture or foam accumulation while reliably sensing the presence of the liquid to be detected. The sensor is packed with a universal bracket, which provides great mounting versatility for a variety of surfaces, circular (e.g. sight glass, round containers) or flat.

The CD34 works out of the box for most applications, as it’s capable of detecting the media (liquid) with a conductivity of 50mS/cm. For the most demanding applications, the CD34 offers teach-in capabilities, which assists in solving the most challenging level applications. Through the teach-in function, the sensor can be calibrated to overcome highly conductive, viscous liquids or tanks with very thin or thick walls.

What’s more, the compact and robust sensor housing with NEMA250 (1, 2, 4, 4x, 5 and 12), IP69K ratings and ECOLAB certification make it very suitable for wash-down applications and harsh environments typically found in the food and beverage industry or applications that are exposed to wind and weather.

The features of the CD34 Series capacitive proximity sensors include:

  • 10 to 30VDC supply voltage
  • NPN or PNP output function
  • N.O. or N.C. switching
  • LED to indicate output and power ON
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit, and transient protected
  • 2m cable or pigtail M8 connector
  • IP69K for wash-down applications
  • NEMA 250 (1, 2, 4, 4x, 5 and 12) ratings
  • cULus approved
  • ECOLAB Certified

The CD34 Series liquid level capacitive proximity sensors are perfect for level applications in markets such as Packaging, Food and Beverage, Agriculture and Water Treatment.

CD34 Series Liquid detection through wall The CD34.. capacitive sensor is designed for detection of water-based (conductive) liquids through a non-metallic wall. It automatically adapts to various thicknesses of plastic or glass walls while reliably compensating for any residual amounts of film, moisture or foam accumulation on the tank wall.

The sensor’s robust and compact housing, IP69K ratings and ECOLAB approval make it very suitable for washdown applications and harsh environments.

Universal mounting brackets allow for the sensor to be easily mounted on different tubes or containers in a variety of ways. The sensor will function out of the box in most applications, and teach-in capabilities are available for adapting the sensor to more challenging applications.

Reliable detection

Out of the box for most applications
The CD34 sensor works out of the box and is immediately capable of detecting media with a conductivity as high as 50 mS/cm. It automatically compensates for residue film, moisture or foam build-up from media such as water, milk, body fluids (blood), acid- or alkaline solutions whether inside or outside the container wall.

Teach-in when conditions are demanding
The sensor is teachable when it comes to very challenging conditions; for instance, if the media are highly conductive and viscous at the same time, tubes have extraordinarily thin walls, or a tank has very thick walls. Through the teach wire, the sensor can be calibrated to either “full” or “empty” and thus adapted to demanding installations.

Foam forming on the surface of certain liquids such as soapy water constitutes a challenge to the level detection. The CD34 sensor automatically compensates for foam.

Viscous and adhesive substances such as syrup and milk are likely to adhere to the tank walls and trigger erroneous detection. The CD34 sensor efficiently differentiates between the actual liquid level and residue film.