Energy Datalogger With Embedded Webserver – Carlo Gavazzi

Save money and safeguard the environment by measuring, analyzing, understanding and predicting the energy trends of your plants or buildings.

Special* includes:
VMU-C EM and your choice of 2 energy meters

Data Management of electrical variables up to 32 energy meters.
Expandable up to 3,200 meters. Contact CARLO GAVAZZI to learn how.

The VMU-C EM provides information in a quick and automatic way via your local network or the internet, so the data is available wherever you are.

VMU-C EM Features:

  • Data logger for energy meters, environmental sensors and rate pulses
  • Web server function and data transfer (FTP, HTTP Modbus/TCP slave)
  • RS-485 and Ethernet communication with meters
  • USB ports for communication and backup
  • Micro SD card port for data backup
  • Support for most Carlo Gavazzi meters
  • Support for non-Carlo Gavazzi meters with open Modbus tool
  • Option for up to 33 dual I/O modules
  • Option for up to 11 analogue, 22 temperature and 11 pulse rate inputs
  • cUL listed product

Contact Manufacturers Automation Inc. today and take advantage of this amazing limited time offer.

*-Special pricing only valid until March 31, 2018