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These devices provide critical protection against phase loss and improper phase sequence, with DPB52 adding additional protection against under-voltage and over-voltage.

Optimizing panel space is a primary goal for most manufacturers. Thanks to the low profile DIN housing and 17.5mm width, it is possible to install these monitoring relays in industrial cabinets as well as in electrical distribution NORM panels. With a built-in switch mode power supply, DPA52 and DPB52 have the added advantage of filtering and minimizing harmonic distortions, which can help prevent devices from overheating and most of all prevent failures and false alarms which could lead to unexpected machine downtime.

The DPA52 and DPB52 come with features that offer versatility and ease of use, including wide input voltage range, multi-colour LED indicators for diagnostic feedback, and a relay contact output. They conform to global standards such as UL 508, CSA C22.2 and EN 60947-5-1, and can be used globally in applications/markets where it is necessary to monitor phase presence, sequence, and value, such as HVAC, Lifts and Escalators, Material Handling, Water Treatment, and others.

The features of the DPA and DPB Compact 3-Phase Monitors include:

  • 208V to 480V
  • Operating frequency from 45 to 65Hz
  • Monitors phase loss, phase sequence, over and under voltage
  • 17.5mm wide – DIN rail mounting (1 DIN Module for NORM panels)
  • Screw terminals
  • Multi-colour alarm LED provides visual diagnostic feedback
  • Switch mode power supply provides greater immunity to anomalies, such as harmonics, on supply mains
  • Conformal coating of PCB to resist humidity and contaminants