(Using Jasc Animation Shop)

by Geoff Small www.manuauto.com
  • Open the GIF

  • Go to Effects, then Insert Image Transistion
  • Click on Animation Frame
  • Transistion length 2.0 seconds
  • Frames per second: 10
  • Effects is Spin
  • Click on Show Preview and click ok.

  • Go to Animation and Reverse Frames.
  • Move the slider bar to the left side and delete the blank frames. Save as a new GIF and click next until the graphic optimization finishes.

  • Open the original GIF.
  • Go to Effect, then Insert Image Transistion, click ok.
  • Move the sliderbar to the right and delete the empty boxes.
  • Go to Edit and Paste.
  • Select After Current Fame
  • Delete the empty boxes.
  • Run the simulator to verify (should be 22 frames) and save as a GIF.

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