Patlites newest voice synthesizer / voice annunciator is the BSV MP3 Voice Annunciator line. The design is so compact that it allows installation even in the tightest of spaces.

This slim model with the integrated look will function with almost any application and it is accomplished with the use of Patlite’s SD card (Note: Sold Separately) and the free programming software from Patlite’s which is downloadable from their web site.

Slim Model MP3 BSV synthesizer Voice AnnunciatorUnbelievably Thin Design of the BSV MP3 Voice Annunciator that is only 19.9 mm thick. Why was the BSV MP3 Voice Annunciator made so thin? To match the miniaturization of equipment used on the production line. Even though it is so compact and thin it still packs a punch when it comes to maximum sound which it is rated at 87 dB (at 1m). The low power requirement of a maximum of 3.5W reduces the load on a power supply.

As you ponder the usefulness of this amazing MP3 Voice Annunciator you will notice the simple look and feel that will harmonize with any project that it is used in such as in a production setting or if the public will be exposed to the design.

The BSV MP3 Voice Annunciator slim model has another feature that if it is used in an area that is exposed to areas that have environments that include rain showers, the speaker design and structure allows the water to drain.

With access from the front you will notice how simple and easy the unit is to access. It is simple to remove the cover for installation and to adjust the volume this will save you a tremendous amount of time when it comes to labour for maintenance.

An issue that can arise with a product like this can be noise pollution if the environment conditions change. For example during the day in a noisy environment BSV MP3 Voice Annunciator unit will sound off at the maximum 87dB but if the background noise levels reduce the unit will reduce the volume level from -1 to -50 dB’s.

Simplicity is the means of productivity. When rewriting a message no special software is required. The unit has a built in SD card slot this allows you to write and rewrite messages by modifying and changing the MP3 files on your SD card. A SD Card may be programmed with the application software that is downloadable from Patlite but you will not necessarily need the software to program the SD card.

Slim Model MP3 BSV synthesizer Voice Annunciator  Slim Model MP3 BSV synthesizer Voice Annunciator


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