by Brent Raynor


  • Explanation
  • Use the Wireless Network Connection of a laptop to communicate to a remote serial device.
  • The laptop has a distance range of 100m from the Moxa NPort W2150 Plus, in an open area.
  • The remote device in this example is an indoor led display.
  • The Wireless Network Connection of the laptop is set to Ad-hoc, allowing for computer to computer communication.


  • Computer Setup
  • In Windows XP, click Start, Settings and then Network Connections.
  • Right click on the Wireless Network Connection, then select Properties.



  • Select Internal Protocol (TCP/IP).
  • Assign an IP address to the Wireless Network Connection. In this example use IP address:, Subnet:
  • Click OK.



  • Select the Wireless Networks tab.
  • Select Advanced tab.
  • Select Computer to Computer (ad hoc) networks only.
  • Select Close.
  • Select OK.



  • Configure the NPort W2150 Plus
  • Connect the laptop to the NPort W2150 Plus using a standard ethernet cable.
  • Install Moxa’s NPort Search Utility.
  • Open the NPort Search Utility.
  • Select Search and the IP address of the NPort W2150 Plus will appear.
  • Double click  the IP address and a web browser will open.






  • Select Network Settings, then Ethernet Settings.
  • Enter IP addres: and Subnet Mask:




  • Select the Back tab.




  • Select WLAN and enter IP address:, Subnet:
  • Select Submit.



  • Select the Back tab.

  • Select Profile.
  • Change the Network type to Ad-h0c Mode.
  • Select Profile 1.
  • Slect Submit.



  • Select the Back tab.



  • Open Profile.
  • Select General.



  • Enter a name (ie. Moxa) in the SSID box.
  • The default is Channel 6.
  • Select Submit.



  • Select the Back tab.





  • Select Serial Port Settings.
  • Select Operation Mode.
  • Mode is TCP Server .
  • TCP Port is 3001.  This is the port number of the Adaptive led display.
  • Select Submit.




  • Select the Back tab.



  • Select Serial Port Settings.
  • Select Communication Parameters.
  • Baud Rate for the led display is 9600.
  • Interface is RS-232.
  • Select Submit.



  • Select the Restart tab.




  • NPort W2150 Plus Connectivity (wireless mode)
  • Remove the Ethernet cable and locate at led display.
  • Power is recycled for wireless operation.
  • The WLAN light illuminates green.
  • Connect the serial adapter and test using AlphaNet Diagnostic program.


  • Laptop Setup using Windows XP
  • Select START, Settings, Network Connections.
  • Right click on Wireless Network Connection and View Available Wireless Networks.
  • Select Moxa network and Connect.
  • The Moxa network will say Unsecured Computer to Computer Network (Ad-hoc).



  • Open AlphaNet Diagnostic program.
  • Select Setup and a window will appear.
  • Input IP Address:  This IP address is also configured in the NPort W2150 Plus WLAN settings.
  • The Adatpive led display port is 3001.
  • Select Ping IP Address to verify a connection.
  • Select OK.




  • Select Connect TCPIP tab.



  • The TCP/IP State will show connected.





  • Select Broadcast Message tab.
  • Select Send Messages to All Signs.
  • Enter Message to Send.
  • Select Address tab and input.
  • Select Send.





  • The message will transmit to the Adaptive led display.


  • Notes
  •  Local Area Network of Laptop.
  •  Wireless Network Connection of Laptop.
  •  Ethernet Connection of NPort W2150 Plus.
  •  Wireless Connection of NPort W2150 Plus.


  • Explanation of Infrastructure mode and Ad-hoc mode, courtesy of MOXA.
  • Click on the picture to expand.



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