More than just a sign…it’s a business builder!

Grow your business? In this economy?

Right now, growth is probably the last thing on your mind. Survival is the new business strategy. But rather than cut back and trim down, why not take this as an opportunity to re-prioritize –especially when it comes to your advertising budget?

Traditional media like print and broadcast are shrinking in influence, and rising in cost. Instead of paying over and over for an ad that might or might not be noticed or heard, you may want to consider the power of electronic message centers — an on-premise advertising solution that you pay for once, but lasts for years!

According to a study by the Small Business Administration, EMCs have been reported to generate a 15% to 150% increase in sales.

What does this really mean? Consider a modest business that might bring in 1,000 per day in revenue. Add in the minimal 15% increase in sales that an EMC has been shown to deliver, imagine the results: an extra $150 per day, $1,050 a week, $54,600 a year. What other investment can you think of that covers its cost in just one year?

Instant Marketing

Versatility is what gives EMCs the winning edge. Adaptive’s intuitive Ooh!Media software makes it easy for you to quickly change your message to capitalize on sudden opportunities (“Snow is on the Way – Gas up Now!”), or schedule promotions around times of the day or holidays.

No more waiting for the next paper to come out, or for a banner to come back from the printer: this is instantaneous communication!

Reach today’s on-the-go buyer!

Do you know how many people drive by your business every day? If you’re on a major street or visible from the highway, that could be tens of thousands, and every one is a potential customer.

Adaptive is the answer

When it comes to electronic message centers, Adaptive knows the technology like no one else. Our business is to get people into your business, and for over 30 years, that’s been our focus.

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Consult the Small Business Administration weblink when considering purchasing an electronic message center.


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