Patlite LS7 LED Signal LightIn an environment metal is in jeopardy from all kinds of nasties such as water and dust the Patlite LS7 LED Signal Light shines the smoother form helps reduce the attraction of water and dust. The LS7 outside structure has no screws or shafts exposed. In regard to the structure of the lens stress cracks because of oil mist is reduced and the lens cover since it is made of a shock resistant polycarbonate will withstand the shock of a harsh environment.

The inner lens enhances the light emitted by the LED’s as the light from them is more efficient light. As the Signal Tower lights or flashes the colours are high contrasting with a distinguishable colour that improves the visibility.

Patlite uses an exclusive design in their prism cut lenses that gives you an amazing visibility that is omnidirectional and seen from a distance this is an advantage when used in large factories.

Get the sound out. A buzzer sound that can be heard in noisy environments. In a test using a cutting machine the Patilite LS7 along with a band frequency from 2,000 Hz to 3,000 hz repeated alternately. This variance penetrated the sounds from a cutting machine that was operating up to a high-speed processing machine and transmitted to an operator. The speaker is a horn buzzer type.

Patlite LS7 LED Signal Light Buzzer Horn

Patlite LS7 LED Signal Light Comparison Chart

Installation of the Patlite LS7 LED Signal Tower is a snap. The design is stackable and with the use of a M12 connector connection and disconnect is fast. Plus the time it takes to install, remove and relocate to another machine will be greatly reduced.