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Manufacturers Automation is pleased to offer solutions from Patlite, a leading manufacturer of industrial signaling devices since 1947. Patlite, dedicated to enhancing safety, security, and comfort in workplaces, provides a comprehensive range of visual and audible alerts to optimize your operations.

Patlite's industry-leading product portfolio includes:

  • Signal towers: Offer clear and customizable visual status indications for machinery and facility operations, keeping your team informed.
  • Audible alarms and speakers: Deliver high-decibel alarms and programmable messages to ensure critical alerts are heard above industrial noise.
  • Network-enabled signaling: Provides real-time monitoring capabilities for predictive maintenance, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), safety, and security.
  • Industrial LED light bars: Rugged and durable illumination solutions designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.
  • Warning lights: Offer ultra-bright and reliable signals to enhance safety awareness in any workplace.

Benefits of Patlite Products:

  • Improved safety: Promote a safer work environment through clear visual and audible alerts.
  • Enhanced productivity: Minimize downtime and optimize production processes with real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • Increased efficiency: Streamline operations by ensuring clear communication and awareness of equipment status.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Facilitate preventative maintenance through network-enabled diagnostics.
  • Durable and reliable: Built to withstand demanding industrial environments.

Partner with Manufacturers Automation to explore how Patlite's innovative solutions can elevate safety, efficiency, and productivity within your facility.