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Sprecher + Schuh

Today, ManuAuto is proud to present Sprecher + Schuh. Since its establishment in 1903 by the visionary engineers Carl Sprecher and Heinrich Schuh in Aarau, Switzerland, Sprecher + Schuh has been at the forefront of delivering dependable control and protection solutions. Their collaborative expertise led to pioneering advancements in low-voltage control products. From automatic switches to high-interrupting capacity fuses and the first oil breakers, their innovations revolutionized the industry.

Beyond innovation, Sprecher + Schuh prioritizes industry advancement. Their pivotal role in founding the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 1906 showcases their dedication to standardizing electrical equipment globally. Through initiatives like the IEC, standards such as DIN and VDE were established, uniting manufacturers, engineers, and equipment users worldwide.

As part of their commitment to understanding industry requirements, they participate in various industry associations, including NEMA, the Canadian Standards Association, AHTD, EASA, and NAED. This collaboration ensures their products are designed to cater precisely to industry needs, emphasizing quality, reliability, and value.

Over the years, their growth has been sustained, owing to the hands-on approach instilled by Carl and Heinrich. With an extensive network of distributors across the US and Canada, their products, proudly manufactured in Aarau, Switzerland, resonate globally. Quality products and exceptional service have been the cornerstones of their success.

Today, Sprecher + Schuh offers an extensive lineup of low-voltage industrial control products—from contactors, relays, and starters to push buttons, switches, terminals, and controllers—all meticulously crafted and rigorously tested, surpassing industry benchmarks. Continuing the legacy of the founders, they persistently explore innovative avenues to deliver optimal solutions for their customers.

This commitment has positioned Sprecher + Schuh as the preferred industrial control manufacturer for global customers seeking unmatched quality, reliability, and a trusted brand.