Manufacturers Automation Introduces the LA6 REVOLITE™ from Patlite

St. Jacobs, ON, May 1, 2017 – Manufacturers Automation Inc., Patlite has announced the Multicolor LED LA6 REVOLITE™ Signal Tower. The LA6 REVOLITE allows users to quickly program up to 21 custom colors and flash-rate settings with easy-to-use free software from Patlite. Machine operators can use the variety of colors and patterns to more accurately communicate machine status, indicate abnormal activity, track assembly pace and generally improve efficiency across a variety of processes.

“The LA6 allows users to see more and do more by customizing their visual communication with color and light patterns,” says Paul Mizuki, Marketing Manager. “Critical information – such as fluid levels, machine status or pace – can be conveyed instantly to machine operators and others who need it.”

The signal tower’s 60mm diameter is compatible with the popular LME series, making a simple retrofit/upgrade using existing pole or wall mount brackets. Other specifications include:

  • Rated Voltage DC24 V
  • Operating Ambient Temperature -25° C to +60° C
  • Signal Wire Current Maximum 70mA
  • Protection Rating IP65 (with alarm IP54)
  • Up to 21 different colors
  • 11 alarm types

The LA6 REVOLITE has an endless variety of applications that help users identify problems, monitor pace and increase efficiency. It is ideal for the automotive, packaging, medical and transportation industries, as well as airports, retail stores and processing plants.

Manufacturers Automation Inc. (MAPP) which is celebrating its 35th year in Business is continuing to change and adapt to today’s market. MAPP has positioned itself to serve the high tech industrial and infrastructure marketplace in Canada now and in the future.

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For more information please contact: Manufacturers Automation Inc. • John Raynor
Toll Free: 1-800-387-6268 • eMail: paul@manuauto.com • Web Site: www.manuauto.com

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Additional Information:

Signal Tower

PATLITE’s innovation introduces the new LA6 multi-information Signal Tower, which can be easily manipulated to display various colors and combination of colors in various ways in order to communicate endless applications of “visual information” in a manner that is intuitive and easy to understand.

Product Features

  • Freely set-up multiple colors to indicate abnormal conditions with a variety of color patterns.
  • Program “Operating Modes” to enhance visual status conditions.
  • Download complimentary simple and easy programming software to easily control display conditions for customized scenarios

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS– 60mm Diameter
– 100V – 240V AC ?WJ Type Only?
FUNCTIONSOperates in three different display modes:
– Single Display
– Time-trigger Display
– Pulse-trigger Display
MOUNTING– Direct Mounting (TN, WJ Type)
– Steel Pole Mounting (LJ Type)
BODY STYLE– TN : Screwless Terminal
– LJ : Pole with Cable Connection
– WJ : Direct Mount with Cable Connection
BODY COLOR– Off-white
– Silver
– 5 Tier
MODULE COLORSTotal of 4,960 possible colors
AUDIBLE STYLE11 alarm sounds available
– RoHS Conformity
– UL 508
– KC
– CE
– IP54 with Alarm
REMARKS– Free downloadable application software
– UL Recognized Components (24V type only)