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  • Red power led is on.
  • X-CTU software (Maxstream) does not detect the 9XTend modem.
  • Can ping the MaxStream (Digi) ethernet wireless modem.
  • Yellow and green I/O leds are not flickering simultaneously during transmit.

Maxstream indication leds


  • Remove the original power adapter (JP4P2-9V4-6F). The technical specifications are 120VAC, 60Hz with an output is 9VDC at 400mA. The defective unit may have an output of 12.75VDC. The Maxstream 9XTend wireless modem will power accordingly; however, the circuitry inside is in an overload state.
  • The new power adapter ( JRSP2-9V11-6F Rev A) is 100 -120VAC, 47-63Hz with an output of 9VDC at 0.5Amp, will fix this problem.

DSCF0072 Revised WebDSCF0071 Revised Web

http://www.digi.com/pdf/ds_xtend.pdf (MaxStream 9XTend datasheet)

http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/productmanual_xtend_pkgr_rs232rs485rfmodem.pdf (MaxStream 9XTend manual)

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