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  • Connect a cross-over cable from the PC to the MaxStream 9XTend Ethernet RF Modem.
  • A method for programming this modem is through the use of ARP commands. ARP is an acronym for address resolution protocol.
  • The first step is to assign a static IP address to the MaxStream 9XTend Ethernet RF Modem.
  • In Windows XP, select Start, then Run. Type cmd and click OK.

  • The command prompt window will appear.
  • Type the following at the c prompt –> ARP -S 00-20-4A-8C-BD-9D
  • The ARP-S adds the host by associating the IP address with the physical address (MAC address).
  • is the static IP address, followed by the MAC address as shown on the modem 00-20-4A-8C-BD-9D
  • Press Enter

  • At the new c prompt type –> TELNET 1
  • Press Enter
  • The additional 1 establishes a connection and a response will appear on the screen…. Connecting to 1……Could not open communication to the host. on port1: Connection failed

  • At the c prompt type –> TELNET 9999
  • Press Enter
  • The 9999 opens the setup window. 9999 represents the IP side. 14001 the serial side

  • Select 0

  • Select N, 0 and N

  • Select 9 to save and exit.

  • ARP -A command confirms the IP address of the MaxStream Ethernet RF Modem.
  • If the ARP -A command does not confirm the new address, recommend turning off the computer’s firewall.

Security Feature

  • MaxStream 9XTend RF modems have a VID(Vendor Identification Number). It is a four digit hexadecimal code that must matching VIDs in order for two modems to communicate.
  • Take any 4 digit number and convert it to hexadecimal, by using the weblink below.

Decimal to Hexadecimal Converter


Configure the VID

  • In command mode, type the following:
  • TELNET 14001
  • The cursor will blink at this point.
  • Type +++ within 1 second and OK will appear.
  • Type ATID 1057 (1057 or other number is the new VID)
  • Type ATWR (this writes the VID)
  • The above steps must be followed in a quick fashion or the MaxStream 9XTend Ethernet RF Modem will time out.

Verify the VID

  • In command mode, type the following:
  • TELNET 14001
  • The cursor will blink at this point.
  • Type +++ within 1 second and OK will appear.
  • Type ATID and press the ENTER key. The new VID will appear.

Boot Loader State

  • This means the MaxStream RF Ethernet modem is in a hung up state and will not work. The MaxStream I/O and power leds will remain on.
  • This is caused by an incorrect voltage being applied or the unit is in command mode. In most cases, this can be fixed by re flashing the unit.

  • Open the MaxStream X-CTU software.
  • Select the Modem Configuration tab.
  • Select XT09 on the Modem XTEND pull-down menu.
  • Select 9XTEND 9600/115K Hopping on the Function Set pull-down menu.
  • Add a check mark to Always update firmware.
  • Select the Write tab.
  • The above method fixes the problem in most cases. If this does not work, open the modem’s casing, remove the circuit board and access the serial port. Use the X-CTU software to communicate with the serial port.

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