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  • Assigning an IP address to the MaxStream 9XTend ethernet wireless modem involves configuring a computer to act as a network. This is accomplished by modifying the local area connection of the computer.
  • If the computer (laptop) does not have a serial communication port, make sure to install a usb to serial adapter. The MaxStream X-CTU redirector software must be able to detect a serial communication port on the computer.
  • Connect a cross-over ethernet cable from the computer’s ethernet port to the MaxStream 9XTend’s ethernet port.

Windows XP Setup

  • Change the properties of the Local Area Connection.
  • Go to Start, Settings, and then Network Connections.
  • Select Local Area Connection and then Properties.
  • Scroll down the list and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  • Select Use the following IP address and enter The last digit prevents a network conflict
  • Note: The MaxStream ethernet 9XTend factory default IP address is



MaxStream 9XTend Ethernet Wireless Modem Setup

  • Install the X-CTU and then the Redirector software.
  • Reboot the computer if prompted to do so.
  • Open the X-CTU software.
  • Enter the new IP address and make sure the virtual com port is com 5 or above.
  • Under Changes, click the Apply tab to refresh the settings.
  • Exit the X-CTU program and reboot the computer.

Security Feature

  • All MaxStream wireless devices have a VID (Vendor ID) and require a four digit hexadecimal number.
  • Choose a four digit number and use the weblink below to convert it to hexadecimal.
  • Input the four digit hexadecimal code and click the Write tab to update the configuration .

MaxStream 9XTend Ethernet and Serial Modems

  • Communication between two MaxStream 9XTend Ethernet wireless modems will not work as a bridge. Since the Ethernet (TCP/IP) protocol is removed by the Ethernet-to-serial converter inside the unit, the radios can only transmit and receive serial data over the air. A receiving radio in this case, would only see the serial data and all network information would be lost. This means the network would not be able to see the remote radio.
  • The receiving radio must be a MaxStream 9XTend serial wireless modem.
  • Set the MaxStream 9XTend serial wireless modem dip switches 1 & 5 in the on position.


  • Disable the wireless on the PC.
  • Turn off the firewall.
  • Reboot the computer.

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