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RS-232 and RS-485 Port Test
Windows XP Setup
  • Change the properties of the Local Area Connection.
  • Go to Start,Settings, and then Network Connections.
  • SelectLocal Area Connection andthenProperties.
  • Scroll down the list and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).IfIP information is shownunderUse the following IP address, make sure to write it down before proceeding.
  • Select Use the following IP address and enter an IP addressthat issimilar totheNPort 5110, except for the last two digits.

Hardware Setup

  • Connectanethernet cross-over cable from the computer to the NPort 5150.

Moxa NPort Management Suite

  • The first step is to configure the ethernet side of theNPort 5110.
  • Open theNPort Management Suiteand select Configuration.

NPort Administrator Configuration

NPort Administration Suite Configuration

  • Select the NPort (MAC Adress) andconfigure the settings.
  • SelectNetworkand modify the IP Address, NetMask, and Gateway.

NPort Administrator Network Configuration

  • SelectSerial, then select Modify, double clicktheinformation line and select theSettings.

NPort Administrator Serial Configuration

  • Set the baud rate to 9600, 8,N,1, No flow Control, enable FIFO. The Interface tab is eitherset toRS-232 or RS-485, 4 wire, depending on what signalis being tested.

NPort Administrator Operating Mode Configuration

  • SelectOperation Mode, then select the Modify tab, double clicktheinformation line and selectView Settings tab. Set it for Real Com Mode.
  • SelectOK and the settings will be updatedin the NPort 5110.

NPort Administration Operating Mode Configuration

NPort Administration Reboot Configuration

  • The next step is to configurethe com port.
  • SelectCOM Mappingand double clicktheinformation line to change the serial settings. If there is no information is shown, select Add Target.

NPort Administration COM Mapping

  • Select the NPort required and click OK.

NPort Administration Com Mapping

NPort Administrator COM Mapping

  • SelectBasicSettings and choose a com port.

NPort Administration COM Mapping

  • SelectSerial Parametersand set for 9600,8,N,1, no flow control.Click OK.

NPort Administrator Serial Com Settings

  • SelectExit.

NPort Administrator Exit

Reboot the computer at this point, before doing the loopback test.

HyperTerminal Loopback Test

TesttheRS-232communication port

  • Jumperpins 2 to3on theMoxa NPort DE-311 DB9 com port.
  • Pin 2 -> TXD Pin 3 -> RXD
  • InWindows XP,go to start, programs,accessories,communications, and select HyperTerminal.
  • Type aname for this project.

NPort 5150 with RS-232 Test Jumper

  • Select the com port that was assigned inRealCOM Installer.


  • Com port settings are 9600, 8, N, 1, None. Click OK.


  • Type a message and it willappearon theHyperTerminalscreen. ThisconfirmstheRS-232 communication portworks accordingly. Test this procedure by removing the jumper. As you type, the characters will notappear on theHyperTerminalscreen.

TesttheRS-422/485communication port

  • Jumperpins 2 to3 and1 to 4 on theMoxa NPort DE-311 DB9 com port usingtwopaperclips.
  • Pin 2 -> RXD+(B) Pin 3 -> TXD+(B)
  • Pin 1 -> RXD-(A) Pin4 -> TXD-(A)
  • Repeatthe HyperTerminal Loopback Test.

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