Moxa NPort S8000 Serial to Ethernet Device – Overview

Combo switch and device server. NPort S8000 Series Industrial Ethernet Switch. Moxa switches support turbo raid Fastest self healing technology that provides fault recovery of less than 20 ms and allows for a larger ring configuration. Moxa Device Servers are rugged and reliable. Easy to use Serial to Ethernet connectivity.  All in one design for greater versatility.

Each NPort S8000 includes:

  • 2 fiber ports
  • 3 Ethernet Ports
  • 4 RS-232/422/485 Serial Ports

The Moxa NPort S8000 Supports Several Serial to Ethernet Functions:

  • Serial Device Server RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Real COMM and RFC 2217.
  • Industrial Ethernet Switch Turbo Ring, RSTP, VLAN, Qos and 802.1x.

Complete Hardware Protection that Includes Surge Protection for the Power Source, Serial and Ethernet Connections.

  • 2 KV Serial Isolation
  • Full Surge Protection
  • Level 4 ESD
  • UL508 Safety

Ring Redundancy at the Device Level – Ethernet Redundancy at the Device Level.

Watch the video for some practical applications.

Compact size makes the NPort S8000 is the best solution for your projects.

The NPort S8000 simplifies your Industrial Network Connections.