Moxa Turbo Chain technology breakthrough for forming Multiple Redundant Connections.

Best redundant solutions beyond redundant ring technologies by realizing Flexible Topology, Fast Fault Recover and Cost effective configuration. Providing you with the maximum flexibility and expandability possible.

Turbo chain is versatile enough to be used with any topography simply link the two ends of your switch chain to your Ethernet network and your done.

Boundless Expansion.  Turbo chain makes network extension easy and engineers no longer need to reconfigure the existing network. Moxa Turbo Chain also inter-operates with other redundant protocols.

Now you can create any type of redundant network flexibly and with any restriction.

Fast Fault Recover in under 20 milliseconds.

With Turbo Chains ultra redundancy you can instantly recover from network failures. If a network link fails turbo chain activates the blocked path and and continues forwarding data all in a recovery time less that 20 milliseconds.

Cost saving deployment ring couplings use to interconnect different rings for distributed applications.

Compared with coupling turbo chains flexible topography requires fewer coupling cables and fewer Ethernet ports. Moxa’s Turbo Chain has been successfully used in numerous applications such as Oil Pipeline, Wind Power, Railway especially those that require multi ring connections.

All Moxa managed Ethernet switches are managed with redundant turbo chain technology.

So why wait start and deploy your networks with Turbo Chain today.