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Moxa UPort 1150 Setup

  •  Plug the Moxa UPort 1150 into an available USB port.  Windows will recognize the new hardware and may request the driver from the CD.
  •  Go to the Windows Orb.
  •  Select All Programs.
  •  Select UPort 1100 Series Configuration Utility.


  •  Select the Enable Fixed-base Com Mode and Com port  (ie. COM16)


  •  Open Device Manager
  •  Open Multi-port serial adapters and select UPort 1150


  •   The UPort 1150 Properties box will open.
  •  Select the Ports Configuration tab.
  •  Select Port Settings.
  •  Change the Interface to RS-485 2W and click OK.


  •  Change the Interface to RS-485 2W.
  •  Click OK.




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