by Brent Raynor

Needham’s Electronics EMP-Series EPROM Programmer

DOS program cannot access computer’s LPT port in Windows XP


  • Needham’s EMP programmers have DOS software.  When using Windows XP, the operating system prevents DOS programs from accessing the computer’s LPT (parallel) port. The EMP software will try to establish communication, but is unsuccessful.
  • Instead, a screen will appear asking f you want to use the device in demo mode.




    • Unzip this file and select empxp.exe
    • The EMPDRV Install screen will appear.
  • Select the Device Programmer and if you do not know the Port Base, click don’t know.
  • Select Install.

  • A Special Instructions box will appear. Click OK.

  • An EMPDRV Installer box will appear confirming that the driver was successfully installed.
  • Reboot your computer.

  •  The software must run in full screen for the driver to work.  Press the <ALT><ENTER> keys simultaneously for full screen activation.

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