Bring Customers in with Adaptive’s BetaBrite Window Display

bb-6With today’s econnomy every business owner needs to maximize the traffic that enters their establishment. But the age old question lingures, How can I increase the number of customers that enter my place of business?

It is a proven fact that a LED display will attract customers by capturing their attention. If you display your message from a window that people go by a moving message will peak their interest. The animation from a LED display will draw them in and the message will sell them.bb-1

Adaptive has a line of attention grabbing Betabrite Window Displays are sure to give your window that eye popping appeal which is so desperately needed to draw your customer in.

The Betabrite Window Display will punch up your advertising for you especially if there are code restrictions that tie your hands with other forms of advertising are not permitted.

With either a RGB or Monochrome Red to select from and six sizes to choose from there is one that will be just right for your window.



  • A choice between RGB or Monochrome Red Displays
  • 10mm pixel pitch
  • RGB models Red, Green, Blue leds per pixel
  • Monochrome models use one red led per pixel
  • Programming is with the use of an intuitive piece of software: Betabrite XL
  • Adjustable by using Betabrite XL software to adjust for lighting conditions
  • Includes what you need to get you running: BetaBrite, Software, remote, 50 feet of Ethernet cable and power cord
  • Available: Optional wireless kit so you can connect to your existing LAN
  • Compatible with Alpha Protocol so the BetaBrite Window Displays are compatible with systems already in use using the Alpha Indoor Line or can be integrated into new applications.


The sizes are:

  1. Matrix Size: 16 x 96
    Number of Lines: 2 lines
    Display Size: 6.3”h x 37.7”w
    Overall Size: 9.1”h x 40.6”w
  2. Matrix Size: 16 x 128
    Number of Lines: 2 lines
    Display Size: 6.3”h x 50.4”w
    Overall Size: 9.1”h x 53.5”w
  3. Matrix Size: 32 x 96
    Number of Lines: 4 lines
    Display Size: 12.6”h x 37.7”w
    Overall Size: 15.4”h x 40.6”w
  4. Matrix Size: 32 x 128
    Number of Lines: 4 lines
    Display Size: 12.6”h x 50.4”w
    Overall Size: 15.4”h x 53.5”w
  5. Matrix Size: 48 x 96
    Number of Lines: 6 lines Display
    Size: 18.9”h x 37.7”w
    Overall Size: 21.6”h x 40.6”w
  6. Matrix Size: 48 x 128
    Number of Lines: 6 lines
    Display Size: 18.9”h x 50.4”w
    Overall Size: 21.6”h x 53.5”w


http://www.adaptivedisplaysolutions.com/Portals/160781/docs/BetaBrite-sellsheet_v2.pdf?__hstc=65494001.598b0305be1903d14c75b24da14fdc98.1365431468884.1365598699345.1365617783806.7&__hssc=65494001.2.1365617783806  (BetaBrite Window Display brochure)