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Moxa: Industrial IoT, Industrial Internet of Things.


As a system integrator or OEM, you need to start leveraging the Industrial IoT in order to deliver the greatest value to your customers. This means getting your customers’ devices connected to the cloud and to a database that can be read by advanced software platforms.

Moxa’s new 4G LTE Jump Start Kit helps make this as easy and cost effective as possible. It includes an easily-programmed Modbus data logger with built-in 4G LTE communications, a Modbus gateway that connects to the most common types of PLCs and RTUs, and an I/O module to collect analog and digital sensor data.

Patlite: Looking for Industrial Internet of Things IIoT?


  • Network Products & Monitoring Systems
  • Explosion-Safe
  • LED Work Lights
  • LED Signal Towers
  • Warning Lights
  • Audible Products
  • Innovative Model

CLK work light series in impervious to Water, Oil, and Chemicals and includes PATLIGHT’S own ‘Micro-array Lens’ design to even out light distribution and is available in three lengths of 200mm, 300mm and 600mm. The CLK can connect in series with Daisy Links (Using M12 Connectors).

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