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Checklist for Industrial Cybersecurity

Moxa has compiled a checklist to ensure you do not forget any of the defense-in-depth security measures.

     Secure Devices
     Identify and control who can log into devices
     Increase password complexity to enhance access control
     Encrypt confidential serial interface data to ensure data integrity
     Encrypt configuration data to increase confidentiality
     Select device vendors that respond quickly to report vulnerability and fix them

     Secure Network Infrastructure
     Segment large-scale networks into smaller networks to avoid networking issues
interrupting operations or bringing the entire network to a halt

     Filter out unauthorized packets and block unauthorized access to enhance access control
     Create a secure tunnel for encrypted data transmission to ensure data integrity
     Deploy industrial firewalls, VLAN or ACL, which are the most feasible and cost
effective options for industrial control systems

     Security Management
Create security policies that meet your network requirements
Ensure all network devices are configured to the same security level
     Continuously scan the security status of devices to ensure the whole network is secure
     Regularly monitor the network to see if any new devices were added
Save all event logs for reference in the event of a security breach
Compare the network configurations before and after incidents to find the root cause of the problem

      Prevent Intrusions and Attacks
      EDS-510E Series                             NPort 6000 Series
Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch
        Secure Terminal Servers

      Secure Network Infrastructure
     Industrial Secure Routers