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by Brent Raynor

  • Explanation
  • Serial ports on computers are becoming obsolete and being replaced with USB connectivity.
  • USB ports are faster and easier to use than serial ports.
  • The advantages of USB over serial ports are:
  • 1) Speed –> USB is approximately 4000 times faster than the maximum speed of a serial port.
  • 2) Connectivity –> USB connectors are smaller in size.  USB is a bus, which means USB hubs can be connected, allowing for additional devices to be on the same
  • USB connection.
  • 3)  Power –> USB ports supply 5 volts for peripheral devices. This feature is used to charge a device’s battery and also to power specific devices without the need for an external power adapter.
  • 4)  Plug and Play –> USB devices are automatically configured when plugged into a computer.


  • Converter Box III
  • This is an RS-232 to RS-485 converter.
  • The purpose of this converter is to communicate at distances up to 4000′ and networking serial devices.
  • The power led illuminates red when power is applied.
  • As the data is transmitted, both the RS-232 TXD and RXD leds will flicker rapidly and the leds will turn off when the process is completed.
  • Below is a picture showing the Adaptive wire connections.


Converter Box III Picture

  • Moxa UPort 1130
  • This USB to RS-485 serial adapter has the latest drivers, diagnostic leds and the port number will remain set.
  • There is a software disk included for modifying the USB port settings……..UPort 1100 Series Configuration Tool
  • Connect the exisiting Adaptive wires as shown in the diagram below.
  • The Active led will illuminate red when connected.
  • Both the TXD and RXD leds will flicker rapidly as the data is being transmitted and the leds will turn off when the process is completed.

UPort 1130 Replaces Converter Box III

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