(Using Paintshop Pro)

by Brent Raynor www.manuauto.com

  • Open PaintShop Pro 8. On the top bar, go to View, Palettes, and select both Materials and Overview
  • Open the GIF file
  • Use the Crop Tool to remove the unwanted border and double click the mouse to save. The Crop Tool is located by clicking on View, then Toolbars, then Tools. It is the 3rd icon from the top, of the left vertical bar.
  • Outline the GIF using the Crop Tool. Clicking on View, then Palettes, then Tool Options (F4) will give the dimensions of the graphic.

  • On the top bar, click Image, then Greyscale to convert to 256 colours.
  • The next step is to resize the GIF to match the pixel array of the display.
  • Click on Image, then Resize. In this example, we are sizing the graphic for a StreetSmart 164 Column x 64 Row. Type 164 for the width and the height will adjust to 97. Set for Pixels
  • a) Resample using: Weighted Average
  • b) Lock aspect ratio (if required)
  • c) Resize all layers
  • d) Click Ok

  • Erase the date by using the Eraser Tool located on the left vertical bar. The Materials section located on the right side of the screen, must have the foreground and background set to white.
  • Note: If your Eraser Tool does not match the background, you can change the colour in the Materials section, located on the right bar. Put your cursor over the small bottom box, which is the background and fill colour. Double click this box and the colour palette will appear.

  • Click on the Text Box, located on the vertical bar next to the graphic. Insert a new 2008 text box and make changes to the text box located above the GIF.
  • a) Font is Arial
  • b) Size is 12
  • c) Anti-Alias is turned on (creates a smooth image)
  • d) Bold
  • The Materials Section, which is located on the right bar of the screen must have the foreground set to white and the background set to black.
  • Enlarge (Zoom) the graphic for accuracy (shown below)

  • The last step is to alter the pixels.
  • Black turns leds off. White turns leds on.
  • On the top bar, select View, Toolbars, and Photo.
  • The Enhance Photo bar will appear at the top.
  • Slightly to the right you will see a White/Black box. This sets the black and white points.
  • The graphic will appear in a separate window. Use the eye dropper to alter the pixels and save.

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