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How to configure the StreetSmart ethernet port

StreetSmart Ethernet Port

  • Connect an RS232 cable to COM O of the Adaptive StreetSmart controller board

    StreetSmart 17X Pics 016 Revised

  • Open the Diagnostic program in the AlphaNet software
  • Configure the Serial Settings, 9600, 8, N, 1 and select OK

AlphaNet Diagnostic Serial Settings

  • Select Set Custom Commands

AlphaNet Custom Commands

  • Select Command 3
  • Select Open Ini File

AlphaNet Custom Commands

    When entering the IP address or subnet mask make sure to enter three numbers before each dot. ie.

  • Input the IP address and Subnet Mask
  • Type under Command 3 in capital letters
  • _01Z00_02EUi010.001.001.060_04
  • Type under Command 4 in capital letters
  • _01Z00_02EUs255.255.255.000_04
  • Save and close

AlphaNet Diagnostic INI File

  • Select Command 3 and the button will turn on.
  • Click on Refresh and the IP address will update.
  • Select Send (takes 30 seconds to update the EPROM)

AlphaNet Send Custom Commands

  • Confirm the IP address in StreetSmart display by typing _01Z00_02FUi_04
  • Select Enter Your Own Command Text
  • and after 30 seconds the changes will appear in the Results box

AlphaNet Custom Commands

  • Recycle power on the StreetSmart led display and the new IP address will appear on the diagnostic startup of the display.

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