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MaxStream XStream wireless modems can now be security coded by applying a Vendor Identification (VID) number. This procedure will protect against unwanted intruders.


  • Connect the MaxStream XStream to the computer using a straight through serial cable.
  • Only dip switch 1 is in the on position.
  • Apply power to the XStream.
  • Open the MaxStream X-CTU software. Should a Windows error box appear it means the XStream unit is not connected to the computer.
  • Select the Modem Configuration tab and the Read tab to acquire the modem parameters.  A Version box will appear. In order for this procedure to work change the version to 42B5 .

X-CTU Modem Configuration Tab

  • Select the Write tab and at the bottom of the screen will appear Complete.

X-CTU Modem Configuration

  • Select the Terminal tab to enter AT commands.
  • Holding down the the shift key and typing +++ simutaenously will acknowledge an OK.  If necessary repeat this step until you see the OK.
  • Continue the following steps in a timely manner or you will have to repeat the above step.

X-CTU Terminal Mode

  • Type atid and the VID code of the modem will appear in red.

X-CTU Terminal Mode

  • Type atid 4444 as the new number and press the Enter Key. The Ok will appear.

X-CTU Terminal Mode

  • This new number must be saved to non-volatile memory using a Write Command (ATWR) .  Otherwise, the VID code revert to the original number when the modem is powered off and then on again.
  • Type atwr and press the Enter Key. OK will appear.

X-CTU Terminal Mode

  • Type atcn to exit the command mode.
  • Repeat this step for the corresponding XStream wireless modem.

X-CTU Terminal Mode

http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/productmanual_xstream_pkgr_rs232rs485rfmodem_v5.x00.pdf (MaxStream X09-009PKC-R manual)

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