Every NPort A series device has a built in setup wizard.

It is simple to configure for the most common field applications. The above video gives you all the instructions you need to configure the 1 port model of  a NPort A Series device. (Nport 5110A)

Important instructions in configuring the Nport 5110A is to take note of the default IP address which is located on the back of the Nport 5110A.

You will need a laptop so you can connect to the device.

Make sure you connect the power and Ethernet cables.

Open up a standard web browser and type in the IP address and type the IP address in as a standard url as an example: (Note: IP address may vary from unit to unit.)

Once you have opened up the web page you will see “Welcome to NPort web console”.

You will find a big button called “Quick Setup” click on it.

For most NPort applications there will only be three major settings.

Watch the video for the details on the settings. Your settings may be different from that of the video but the video will give you the general idea on what you could possibly use.

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