rohsThink Kaizen – Patlite VE Series Visual LED Display

Patlite has a rugged real-time visual LED Display board which gives real-time production stats indications and alerts you to production performance issues. The unit easily installs to operator workstations and or automated machinery using a wireless remote control unit that gives you easy setup capabilities.

VE100-304SUThere are two models that the VE Series Visual LED Display come in either a 25mm or 100mm character height.

The display supports “Kaizen” so as to improve production and quality.

What is “Kaizen”?

Kaizen is a word from the Japanese language which refers to “improvement” or “change for the better” and fits in with improvement of processes in all forms of manufacturing, business management and engineering. Simply put it means to “good change”.

Kaizen goes beyond the simple improvement and when done right will put less stress on the company and the human. Kaizen helps people discover ways to spot and eliminate waste in the process of manufacturing and business. With some companies improvements will be small and incremental where in others improvements will be rapid and monumental.

VE25-304SUSo with Kaizen in mind how can the Real-time Visual LED Display Board be of benefit to you and your company?

Reduce Down Time Manufacturing Productivity Improvements Reduce Waste for Lean Manufacturing Monitor Your Production in Real Time Best of all it is Easy to Install and Set Up – Plan, Prescale, Tact Time

With a three terminal output display and the use of a signal display tower you can use the three colours: Red for Progress Loss, Amber (Light Flashing) for Progress Gain and Green for GOAL (Light Flashing).

Three Terminal Output

The Patlite VS Series Visual LED Display can be used in a couple of different configurations such as:

Serial Network Application:

Accesses the unit using a RS-232 and a RS-485 port converter. Up to a maximum number of 32 units can be connected.

Stand Alone Application:

Input that comes directly from input devices such as manual switches, micro switches, relays or a RS485 Converter

Output devices that the Patlite VS Series Visual LED Display connects to can be beacons, audible alarms and annunciators.

System Configuration

Model Numbers:

Model VE25-304SU 270 mm wide x 200 mm high x 70 mm deep

Model VE100-304SU 580 mm wide x 480 mm high x 70 mm deep

OPTIONAL: VE-1RU Infrared Remote (Sold Separately)

Compliant with FCC Title 47 Part 15 Subpart B