Weidmüller launches new JB 25–50 and EBB 25–50/16 potential equalization blocks for decentralized potential equalization. These allow a ring line of 25 mm2 to 50 mm² to be installed, which merges all the potentials present in production. Branch lines of 16 mm² can be produced from the ring line. The easy-to-install terminal blocks reliably equalize differences in potential.

To avoid undefined currents in systems, long production lines need one standard potential equalization. Three-part lightning conductor terminals are usually used. But these are cumbersome and can only be assembled in the cable conduit with a great deal of time and effort. Things are very different with the new potential equalization terminals, which can be installed with ease and are a low-cost solution for reliably equalizing potential, for example in the automotive industry with its long production lines.

Weidmüller potential equalization blocks: The new potential equalization blocks make decentralized potential equalization possible. Detail: The low installation height of the terminal blocks leaves enough space for data and power lines.

The potential equalization prevents undefined currents, which may cause errors and faults. Compared with star wiring, the decentralized potential equalization offers huge potential savings. It doesn’t require long conductor lengths to be routed from the individual field components to the busbar, just short branch lines to the terminal block on the ring line. Less space is thereby taken up in the cable conduit and the wiring times are reduced considerably.

The new JB 25–50 and EBB 25–50/16 potential equalization blocks have an ergonomic design and a clever construction, and they can be quickly installed in the assembly duct with ease. Users achieve the desired potential equalization in no time and installation isn’t expensive. Furthermore, the potential equalization blocks from Weidmüller take up little space in the cable conduit and with an installation height of just 24 mm leave sufficient space for data and power lines. JB 25–50 and EBB 25–50/16 are also quick to install because all clamping screws on the potential equalization blocks have the same distance across flats. No tool changes are therefore required during the installation process.

The EBB 25–50/16 potential equalization block integrates the option for connecting two branch lines for 16mm² conductors ex factory. Weidmüller also uses light-coloured screws in its new potential equalization blocks, which stand out clearly in dark environments.