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Weidmuller introduces a new addition in the Klippon® Connect portfolio of products and services for panel building– maxGUARD. With maxGUARD, the electronic load monitoring ELM devices combined with distribution terminal blocks can be customized to provide selective load protection in 24V DC power distributed systems for industrial automation applications. With combining load monitoring and potential distribution into one complete solution, this offers users time-savings during installation, increased safety against failure, and DIN-rail space savings while being highly service friendly.

The modular maxGUARD system is designed to meet specific requirements for automation control panels. It contains three main cross-connection channels– positive, negative and internal signaling. This design increases the number of possible contacts from the electronic load monitoring device outputs (positive and negative) into the terminal blocks, providing efficient connections for the distribution board loads, as well as reduced wiring. Integrated test points in maxGUARD’s terminals and a disconnect lever for load circuit galvanic isolation helps to simplify testing and troubleshooting.

Available in a range of single-channel and four-channel variations (both standard and conformal coating), maxGUARD provides application flexibility for custom solutions. The space-saving maxGUARD modules have a 6.1mm housing and feature push-in connection technology. The rated operating voltage is 24V DC, and the complete system has a maximum current capacity of 40A. The wide operating temperature range extends from -25°C to +55°C (without derating). The terminal cross-sections are 16mm² for the feed-in module, 2.5mm² for the electronic load monitoring (ELM), and 1.5mm² at the top and 2.5mm² at the bottom of the potential distribution terminal block. maxGUARD modules are cULus listed, Class 2 Certified (1A, 2A, and 4A modules), CE rated and carry a wide range of global approvals. maxGuard can be pre-configured using the Weidmuller Configurator, a free software download available on the Weidmuller website.

Product advantages

Extreme ease of servicing
Sophisticated operating, testing and connection elements permit safe access to all voltage potentials and load circuits during commissioning and maintenance.

Practical disconnecting lever
Potential distributor with a disconnecting lever for simple galvanic isolation of the load circuit for testing and checking purposes.

Innovative cross-connections
Less time and effort needed for wiring due to cross-connections between load monitoring and potential distribution terminals.

Particularly space-saving
Electronic load monitors and potential distributors with a 6.1 mm pitch.

Can be used in a customized way
The sheer range of variants and the very different potential distribution terminals and additional components enable customized solutions at all times.

A unique combination of load monitoring and potential distribution
The unique combinability of electronic load monitoring and potential distribution terminal for a complete 24 V DC control voltage distribution creates plenty of space on the terminal rail, saves valuable wiring time and eliminates wiring errors. The modular system adapts itself optimally to every application.