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       Laptop Connection


       Remote Site

  • The 9XTend RF modems have been tested up to 2 miles (3.21868 km) using the standard 2.1  dbi dipole antennas. The RF modems must have line of sight, with no obsticles blocking the path.

2.1dbi dipole antenna

  • The maximum legal antenna gain is + 6 dbi for a 1 watt transmitter @ 900 MHz. Combining a +8 dbi Yagi antenna  with a 10 foot coaxial RF antenna (-2 dbi) will meet this requirement. The diagram below shows the components for the remote location. A good power invertor for the 9XTend will ensure a successful test.

       X-CTU Software

  • Select the PC Settings tab.
  • Select the com port that is connected to the 9XTend.
  • Select the Test/Query tab.
  • A Com test/ Query Modem box will appear to confirm communication with the 9XTend modem, that is connected to the laptop.

X-CTU PC Settings

  • Select the Range Test tab.
  • Select Loop Back and the Transmit tab.
  • Select the Start tab and the stats will appear.
  • When satisfied with the results click the Stop tab.

X-CTU Range Test


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